SimplyTweet twitter with Push Notifications FREE just for today!

Posted on Monday December 7th, 2009 / 13:22

Το SimplyTweet είναι ένας twitter client ο οποίος προσφέρει και υπηρεσίες Push Notifications και προσφέρεται ΔΩΡΕΑΝ μόνο για σήμερα!

SimplyTweet Twitter with Push Notifications SimplyTweet Twitter Push Notifications

SimplyTweet advanced features:

✓ Push notification support for Mentions and Direct Messages.
✓ Configurable push notification sounds
✓ Multiple accounts support
✓ Themes
✓ Browse conversations – display the reply chain of a message in 1 screen
✓ Browse conversations between you and another person – display the tweets between you in 1 screen
✓ Lists (create groups of friends, etc. Note that anyone can be added, as long as their updates are not protected)
✓ Muting support
✓ Notes and multiple drafts
✓ HootSuite integration: importing of Twitter accounts from HootSuite
✓ Customizable swipe-to-reveal shortcuts
✓ Unread tweet indicators for all themes, scroll to last read tweet on startup
✓ Unread counts display
✓ Full landscape support (including timelines, drafting and photo viewer)
✓ Reply to multiple people at once
✓ Tweetshrink support (both tweets and DM)
✓ Contact pickers
✓ Send direct messages longer than 140 characters
✓ Support updating of user profile and profile image within SimplyTweet
✓ Video and multiple photos in a single tweet uploading
✓ Remembers most recently used hashtags across sessions
✓ Block/Unblock support, and option to report spammer
✓ Bigger text option
✓ Saved searches
✓ Photos search
✓ Instapaper Support
✓ TextExpander support (you need TextExpander app installed to use it. Configure shortcuts in TextExpander app, enable sharing, and you get to use them in SimplyTweet)
✓ Option to hide avatars in blocked list

Standard features included:

✓ Perform search
✓ Proximity Search
✓ Favorites support
✓ Trends support
✓ View your Friends timeline and Mentions timeline
✓ View the public Twitter timeline
✓ Load older tweets and direct messages
✓ Post tweets, RT
✓ Delete tweets
✓ Reply to tweets
✓ Direct messages, including browsing list recipients and autocompletion
✓ Saving of drafts
✓ Follow and un-follow
✓ Built-in web browser (including landscape mode browsing)
✓ Configurable image compression for uploads
✓ Posterous Support (multiple photos and video upload with hashtags converted to tags)
✓ Posterous support for long tweets
✓ TwitPic support (multiple photos)
✓ yfrog support (multiple photos and video upload)
✓ TwitrPix support (multiple photos)
✓ support (multiple photos)
✓ TwitVid support (video upload)
✓ Bookmarklet Support
✓ Option to change the timestamp display format
✓ Built-in photo viewer
✓ Opening a user profile directly (Go to User)

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