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Posted on Thursday August 21st, 2008 / 22:06

Το AppBackup είναι μία εφαρμογή για το iPhone την οποία κάθε χρήστης θα πρέπει να εγκαταστήσει στην συσκευή του!

Ο λόγος; Όπως δηλώνει και το όνομα της, κρατάει backup από όλα τα apps/games τα οποία έχετε εγκαταστήσει, είτε μέσω του Appstore, είτε πάλι ‘όχι και τόσο νόμιμων μέσων’ (βλ. .app vs .ipa).

– To back up one app, open AppBackup, select the app, and then select Backup.  To restore an app, select it and then select Restore.  (If there is no restore option, then it hasn’t been backed up yet.)

– To back up all apps at once, tap All at the top-left of the screen, and select Backup.  To restore all apps that have been backed up at once, tap All and select Restore.  (You must have at least one app backed up in order to see this option.

– Backups are stored in /var/mobile/Library/AppBackup/tarballs as files called bundleid.tar.gz, where bundleid is a given app’s bundle identifier (e.g. com.ooi.supermonkeyball).  Backup times are stored in /var/mobile/Library/AppBackup/backuptimes.plist as Unix timestamps.

If you want to “backup the backups,” you should back up the entire /var/mobile/Library/AppBackup directory tree.

[To AppBackup είναι διαθέσιμο μέσω του Cydia]

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