Hootsuite for FREE [+ more App store deals]

Posted on Saturday October 16th, 2010 / 13:40

Το Hootsuite for twitter προσφέρεται δωρεάν για περιορισμένο χρονικό διάστημα.

Η εφαρμογή παρέχει πολλά χαρακτηριστικά τα οποία την διαφοροποιούν από την κατηγορία της (βλ. twitter clients) και αξίζει της προσοχής σας!

Hootsuite features:

Spread Messages

  • Manage unlimited Twitter accounts (3 accounts in Lite)
  • Update Facebook Profile and Fan Pages
  • Checkin to Foursquare Locations and share your position
  • Comment on posts in Facebook News Feed
  • Translate messages for Facebook and Twitter
  • Save a draft message to finish later
  • Schedule updates for future sending
  • Forward messages via email
  • Reply to all recipients at once

Monitor Conversations

  • Translate Twitter messages from 50+ languages
  • See conversation history for context
  • Create custom views for keyword monitoring
  • Set-up real-time Twitter searches
  • Browse and understand trending topics

Track Results

  • Examine message click statistics by date (Full only)
  • See which countries are clicking on your links
  • Shorten URLs with Ow.ly for stats
  • Track user ratings for links (via Ow.ly and Ht.ly)

Make Friends

  • Add followers to Twitter lists and accounts
  • Learn about your followers with profile view
  • View who you follow and how is following you
  • Create and edit Twitter lists
  • Subscribe to lists
  • Find where your friends are on Foursquare

Increase Happiness

  • Understand interactions with 6 language localizations
  • Share and store photos and files including stats
  • Keep your place in the stream when exiting app
  • Save links to read later via Instapaper
  • Open pages with Safari for easy reading
  • Compose Twitter messages in landscape mode
  • Add geo-location coordinates to messages
  • “Bump™” to quickly add followers

Στο video που ακολουθεί μπορείτε να παρακολουθήσετε μερικές από τις δυνατότητες του Hootsuite:

Download link:

  • Hootsuite for twitter: iTunes link – Τιμή: Δωρεάν

Περισσότερες προσφορές θα βρείτε στο αντίστοιχο νήμα στο forum του iPhoneHellas.gr

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