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Posted on Saturday December 6th, 2008 / 22:13

Η user noob του iPhoneHellas forum δημοσίευσε μία λίστα με cheats για διάφορα δημοφιλή games του iPhone/iTouch:


- Unlock the Devil Board (Best board in game) – Change Stats of any Board

1) SSH to your iPhone/iTouch

2) Go to the directory /var/mobile/Applications and find the Touchgrind.app (Note, this is different for everybody, it is not a folder called “Touchgrind.app, more of a folder with random numbers and letters. Just go down the list until you find the touchgrind folder)

3) Go to the bottom of the list and find “014_black_devil.xml

4) Edit the .xml file (In any text editor; notepad or text edit) Find the line that says “iScorePointsToUnlock.” Inside of the brackets (< >) it should say 1500000. Eit it to whatever value you want, just be sure you have the amount of points you are changing it to.

5) Transfer it back to the folder and reboot and open the game.

- Change the hight of the “pop” you give your board
Change the stat fJumpVelocityZ = “”. I suggest not changing it past “4” because if so the board can go off screen.

NOTE: If the app closes once or twice, just Respring and it will be fixed
Thanks to BigDaveyJ at ipodtouchfans


- Change Stats and Starting Money

1) SSH to “/private/var/mobile/application/” and find Fieldrunners.app (Note, this is different for everybody, it is not a folder called “Fieldrunners.app, more of a folder with random numbers and letters. Just go down the list until you find the fieldrunners folder)

2) Open the file “map_easy.map

3) Find the line that says startingResources=”15″ You can modify this number to anything you want, such as 1,000.

4) You can also change startingHealth=”20″

5) After these modifications, put the file back in the fieldrunners folder, and you’re set to go!

- Changing cost, damage rate, reload speed, etc.. of towers
Modify the files “tower_[TOWERNAME].tower

- Changing parameters of the projectile
Modify the files “projectile_[TOWERNAME].projectile”

- Changing health, speed, score, etc.. of enemy
Modify the files “unit_[ENEMY].unit”

[TOWERNAME] and [ENEMY] simply mean to insert the name, such as “lightning” or “chopper” but i’m sure you won’t have trouble finding the files.

Tap Tap Revenge

Toggling “Revenge Mode” without missing notes by shaking the device.

1) Once you get 50 notes in a row and you’re able to get into “Revenge Mode” simply pause the game and shake, then go back to the game and you’re in revenge mode without having to shake the device and risk missing notes.
Thanks to Netflixer at ipodtouchfans

Dactyl 2

- Unlock all levels

Go to the Home screen and tap anywhere on it 10 times. After you do this level 5 should not be gray.
Thanks to matt1308 from ipodtouchfans


- Choose any Round to Play on

This is a “time-based” cheat, as well as an accelerometer-based one. So in order for this cheat to work, the time must be exactly on the quarter hour (for example, 1:00, 1:15, 1:30, or 1:45)

1) Make sure the iPhone’s time is on the quarter hour as described above. Launch the app.
2) On the opening splash screen, shake the device until you hear a giggle,. This will invoke the “Polaroid Cheat” that lets you start on any round in the game you like.
Thanks to macenstein reader MF


- Unlock all levels

Go to the home screen and tap on the word “Garf10 times. After you do this all levels will be unlocked.
Thanks to matt1308 from ipodtouchfans

Bugdom 2

- Cheat Menu

On the title screen, simply tap the top left corner 3 times. Also, do this in game and you’ll automatically finish the level with 15k points.

Crash bandicoot

- Unlimited Boost

1) Simply get the teleport powerup, and right as you get a boost on the track, use it.

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