Star Wars Force Collection, το νέο online card game κυκλοφόρησε στο App Store

Posted on Friday September 6th, 2013 / 18:30

Star Wars

H Konami έκανε διαθέσιμο το “Star Wars Force Collection” για το iPhone και iPad, ένα online card game που βασίζεται στο δημοφιλές franchise του Star Wars.

Build a team of formidable heroes and use treasured blueprints to create squads of starfighters as you fight for control of the galaxy!
Create the ultimate formation and challenge your rivals in highly strategic battles. Gain fame and climb the ranks in the Jedi Order.

Just be careful in choosing your enemies and opponents. The Dark Side of the Force is strong…


・Collect powerful cards of your favorite heroes and vehicles from Episodes I through VI.
・Evolve and enhance your cards to become invincible!
・Each character card and vehicle card has unique attack powers and ranges.
・Interact with other players and ally with them to defeat fierce enemies.
・Make ally requests and claim premium rewards.
・Compete in exciting events held on exotic planets with other players across the galaxy.

Θα βρείτε το Star Wars Force Collection για iPhone και iPad δωρεάν στο App Store [iTunes link]

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