iBrowseTwo: Dual Web Brower for iPhone

Posted on Friday April 10th, 2009 / 09:14

Το iBrowseTwo eίναι ο πρώτος browser για το iPhone ο οποίος επιτρέπει την ταυτόχρονη απεικόνιση 2 ιστοσελίδων, και όχι μόνο…

ibrowsetwo ibrowsetwo-iphone

“Website pages are displayed together with the innovative navigation bar which packs all the basic functionality into a small screen space.

Compact navigation bar* delivers nearly full-screen experience without sacrificing the user comfort. There is no need to shake iPhone, use multi-finger gestures, etc. While employing standard gestures it innovates the web navigation and makes it more intuitive. Both browsed websites also respond to standard taps, pinches, and scrolling. They can also be resized by dragging the navigation bar up and down.”

Feature Highlights:
– Browsing two pages at the same time (both visible on the screen)
– Innovative navigation bar
– Handling links with “_blank” target
– Handling of SSL links/connections (automatically opened in Safari even if redirected from standard http)
– Resizing the web space by draging/swiping the navigation bar (it snaps to top and bottom for easier operation)
– Reloading both browsed pages after restart

* iBrowseTwo’s unique navigation bar packs following functions in a small space (30 pixels high and screen wide):
– Tap the address labels to enter/edit URL
– Double tap the address labels to refresh/stop loading
– Swipe the address labels left/right to go back/forward
– Drag/swipe navigation bar up and down to resize/maximize the web windows
– Colors – green bar means connectivity, red – no Internet connection

[iTunes link – Τιμή: 0.79€ (limited time offer)]

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