iOS 9.3.5: Update που διορθώνει σημαντικό κενό ασφαλείας

Posted on Thursday August 25th, 2016 / 20:16

Η Apple έδωσε σε κυκλοφορία το iOS 9.3.5. Η νέα έκδοση λογισμικού του iOS 9 έρχεται μόλις 3 εβδομάδες μετά την κυκλοφορία του iOS 9.3.4 με σκοπό να επιδιορθώσει ένα σημαντικό κενό ασφαλείας.

iOS 9.3.5

Το iOS 9.3.5 είναι διαθέσιμο για εγκατάσταση μέσω OTA (over-the-air) απευθείας στην iOS συσκευή ή μέσω του iTunes από τον Η/Υ.

Σύμφωνα με τους New York Times, το σημερινό update διορθώνει 3 κρίσιμα κενά ασφαλείας τα οποία επέτρεπαν σε σύστημα παρακολούθησης που ανέπτυξε η Ισραηλίτικη NSO Group να κατασκοπεύει στοχευμένους χρήστες. Περισσότερα, εδώ.

Ενδιαφέρον ρεπορτάζ και από το VICE:

On the morning of August 10, Ahmed Mansoor, a 46-year-old human rights activist from the United Arab Emirates, received a strange text message from a number he did not recognize on his iPhone.

“New secrets about torture of Emiratis in state prisons,” read the tantalizing message, which came accompanied by a link.

Mansoor, who had already been the victim of government hackers using commercial spyware products from FinFisher and Hacking Team, was suspicious and didn’t click on the link. Instead, he sent the message to Bill Marczak, a researcher at Citizen Lab, a digital rights watchdog at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs.

As it turned out, the message wasn’t what it purported to be. The link didn’t lead to any secrets, but to a sophisticated piece of malware that exploited three different unknown vulnerabilities in Apple’s iOS operating system that would have allowed the attackers to get full control of Mansoor’s iPhone, according to new joint reports released on Thursday by Citizen Lab and mobile security company Lookout.

This is the first time that anyone has uncovered such an attack in the wild. Until this month, no one had seen an attempted spyware infection leveraging three unknown bugs, or zero-days, in the iPhone. The tools and technology needed for such an attack, which is essentially a remote jailbreak of the iPhone, can be worth as much as one million dollars. After the researchers alerted Apple, the company worked quickly to fix them in an update released on Thursday.

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