iPhone 3GS jailbreak – unlock is coming…

Posted on Friday June 26th, 2009 / 08:37

Η devTeam μας ενημερώνει ότι βρίσκεται πολύ κοντά στο Jailbreak και unlock του iPhone 3GS καθώς το 24Kpwn exploit το οποίο χρησιμοποιήθηκε στο iPod Touch 2G υπάρχει και στο bootrom του iPhone 3GS:

24Kpwn lives on, in the iPhone 3GS!

About 5 hours ago, we were able to verify that the 24Kpwn exploit that the hybrid team used on the iPod Touch 2G is still present in the bootrom of the iPhone 3GS.  That means we can apply the same sort of technique used by our current redsn0w tool to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone 3GS.

This is great news!

For our technical notes on where the 24Kpwn exploit is in the 3GS, see here (pastebin hash of it is here).
And yes, ultrasn0w will be able to be run on the iPhone 3Gs for you unlockers!

[Via iphone-dev.org]

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