Gameboy4iphone v1.1.0 Beta!

Posted on Monday April 21st, 2008 / 00:45

H Gameboy4iPhone v1.1.0 Beta είναι ήδη στον Installer!

gameboy4iphone Zodttd

Change Log for 1.1.0:

* Fixed performance decreases when scaled on is set. Turning scaling off decreases performance due to hardware scaling usage. Gameplay should be faster than before.

Change Log for 1.0.0:

* Fixed sound, quality is now nearly perfect.
* [OBSOLETE in v1.1.1] Fixed landscape aspect ratio for scaling.
* Fixed save state files not saving to file correctly.
* Fixed RTC (real time clock), Pokemon should work better now.
* Fixed SRAM (saves on cart) so games now save correctly.
* Fixed some issues with the GUI such as save states not deleting.
* Updated portrait controller skins.
* Hopefully improved performance and compatibility slightly in the process.

Για να γίνετε και εσείς beta tester αρκεί ένα Donation $3 στον ZodTTD

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