Google Android Phone is Real and it’s Here!

Posted on Sunday December 13th, 2009 / 00:59

Το Google Android Phone, για το οποίο είχαμε κάνει αναφορά πριν από μερικές ημέρες (βλ. Google Android Phone is on its way (?)), έχει ήδη κυκλοφορήσει!

Σύμφωνα με δημοσιεύσεις εργαζομένων της Google στο twitter η εταιρεία τους πρόσφερε το Google Phone σήμερα και έδωσε τέλος στις φήμες περί ύπαρξης ή μη της συσκευής:

Leslie Hawthorn:

“Stuck in mass of traffic leaving work post last all hands of 2009. ZOMG we had fireworks and we all got the new Google phone. It’s beautiful.”

Jason Howell:

“Capacitive touch screen and on screen keyboard only, yes. Re: AT&T, it was unlocked. Dude just put an AT&T sim in it 2 test it.”

“It was thin. Dare I say as if not a bit thinner than iPhone. Scrolly ball like on the hero. This one was running on AT&T. #googlephone”

“Wasn’t able to gander @ h/w specs unfortunately. Supposedly, Google employees were given tons of these phones today. unlocked. #googlephone”

“Supposedly we should start hearing a lot about the new Google phone over the next few days. Its slick in an HTC hero sorta way.”

“The new Google Phone runs on HTC hardware. I saw it w/ Android 2.1. Homescreen has new visual enhancements like animated desktop wallpaper.”

“…I just had my hands on the Google Phone. I feel so priveleged!”


“A friend from Google showed me the new Android 2.1 phone from HTC coming out in Jan. A sexy beast. Like an iPhone on beautifying steroids.”

Η Google επιβεβαίωσε την είδηση δημοσιεύοντας το ακόλουθο post στο επίσημο blog της:

An Android dogfood diet for the holidays

At Google, we are constantly experimenting with new products and technologies, and often ask employees to test these products for quick feedback and suggestions for improvements in a process we call dogfooding (from “eating your own dogfood”). Well this holiday season, we are taking dogfooding to a new level.

We recently came up with the concept of a mobile lab, which is a device that combines innovative hardware from a partner with software that runs on Android to experiment with new mobile features and capabilities, and we shared this device with Google employees across the globe. This means they get to test out a new technology and help improve it.

Unfortunately, because dogfooding is a process exclusively for Google employees, we cannot share specific product details. We hope to share more after our dogfood diet.

Posted by Mario Queiroz, Vice President, Product Management

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