Zibri’s answer to Pwnage 2.0

Posted on Monday July 21st, 2008 / 07:39

Η απάντηση του Zibri στην Dev Team και στην κυκλοφορία του Pwnage 2.0 μας βάζει σε σκέψεις… μήπως ο Ιταλός έχει ψυχολογικά προβλήματα και χρίζει ιατρικής παρακολούθησης;

ZiPhone zibri

ZiPhone was developed 9 months after the iPhone release.
ZiPhone is multi-platform and does a real hack in 4 minutes.
ZiPhone’s servers NEVER went down and assured full bandwidth even at peak times.

ZiPhone site had 10 million visits in 5 months.
ZiPhone used opensource tools packaged in a custom ramdisk wish worked because of an exploit I found.
ZiPhone is itself opensource and free to use and modify.
ZiPhone never harmed a single phone. All issues reported happened because of hardware failures.
Other tools used my ramdisk exploit and many of them didn’t even mention this.
A famous app used to disable wifi, caused the grey wifi problem to appear if wifi was disabled before using ZiPhone.
I haven’t used any other tool and my own iPhone is still on 1.1.4 and happy to be.
My iPod is on 2.0 and wishes 1.1.4 back
The famous “BSD root” error was caused by people clicking on the wrong button and can be solved with a simple procedure.
The actual “tools” are based on WAREZ (illegal software) without them it doesn’t work.
ZiPhone actually helped Apple to beta test the iPhone in other markets and tailor the next product many of you are enjoying now.
The actual tools could probably kill it.
Apple just need to push a button and I sincerely hope they will so to save the product and make it better and better.
I am not leaving the scene and I am still studying the situation.
I don’t have any secret version of ZiPhone but I can still run the ramdisk exploit (other people say it doesn’t work only because they know just a part of it).
Even if I don’t usually agree with him, I respect George Hotz for what he did and for his skills.
Stay tuned and enjoy life. I’m here and still caring.
And if you want an iPhone, go and BUY it.
If you want APPS, buy them on the AppStore.
Apple did an impressive job and they deserve it.
As developers (real ones) do.
Peace out,


[Via ZiPhone.status]

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