iPhone Doom with TV-out! Try it!

Posted on Tuesday December 9th, 2008 / 02:02

Ο iPhone developer Steven Troughton-Smith αποφάσισε να αναβαθμίσει το iPhone port του Doom ώστε να εκμεταλευτεί πλήρως τα (undocumented) TV-out features του iPhone:

” Here’s what you need to do to put Doom on your iPhone, assuming you’re a registered ($99/year) iPhone developer:

1.  Check out the latest svn repository from Google Code: svn checkout http://iphonedoom.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ iphonedoom-read-only
2. Locate the Xcode MobileDoom.xcodeproj in the iphonedoom-read-only folder. Right-click (control-click it) and choose Show Package Contents.
3. Copy the steven.pbxuser file and rename it as your normal Xcode user name. In my case, that’s ericasadun.pbxuser. Your name will obviously vary.
4. Download a copy of the Doom levels file, doom1.wad. I found a copy at MIT. I am not sure what the copyright/intellectual property of this material is, so use your best judgment. Add the .wad file to the project folder.
5. Launch Xcode and open the MobileDoom.xcodeproj file.
6. Open DoomAppDelegate.m and add a one-line definition to the top of the file to enable TV-out.

#define    ENABLE_TV_OUT      1

7. In the Project Window, locate Groups & Files > Targets > MobileDoom and double click it. This opens up the Target Info window.
8. In the Target Info window, click the Properties tab and update the Identfier to match your Apple signing identity. In my case, that was com.sadun.${PRODUCT_NAME}.
9. Open the Build tab and update your Code Signing Identity, typically iPhone Developer: Your Name.
10. In the Build tab, find Other C Flags. Set them to -DNORMALUNIX -DUSE_SOUND.
11. Clean any previous builds, compile and deploy to your device.

Make sure you have connected your iPhone to a television using an Apple-branded cable. Then run the program and enjoy playing Doom.”

[Via Arstechnica]

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