25C3: Hacking the iPhone (video via devTeam)

Posted on Monday December 29th, 2008 / 09:59

Οι pytey, musclenerd και planetbeing της devTeam έδωσαν μία παρουσιάση στο 25th Chaos Communication Congress (25C3) το οποίο πραγματοποιηθήκε στο Berlin στις 27 Δεκεμβρίου.

Το video (διάρκειας 1 ώρας) που ακολουθεί αποτελεί την πληρέστερη παρουσιάση που έχει γίνει μέχρι σήμερα όσον αφορά τις διαθέσιμες μεθόδους hacking του iPhone:

Όπως αναφέρουν και οι ίδιοι:

“Apple’s iPhone has made a tremendous impact on the smartphone market and the public consciousness, but it has also highlighted their desire to carefully control the device with draconian restrictions. These restrictions prevent users from choosing to run third-party applications unauthorized by Apple and using the devices on carriers not approved by Apple.

Since its release, a tremendous amount of effort has been made to remove these restrictions for the benefit of the community. A year later, we have now learned much about its inner workings and have methods to circumvent these restrictions.

This talk will summarize what we have learned about the internal architecture of the iPhone platform, its security, and the ways we have found to defeat these security measures.”

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