Yellowsnow update: iPhone 3G unlock ONLY for baseband 02.28.00 (!)

Posted on Thursday January 1st, 2009 / 12:04

Η Dev Team μας ενημερώνει πάνω στα τελευταία νέα του Yellowsnow (του software unlock tool για το iPhone 3G):

Update 3:

The soft unlock will now be only for baseband 02.28.00 (the most recent baseband).
Yes we’ve been advising everyone to avoid updating their basebands, and in general that will always be the best policy.
Not every baseband version is guaranteed to have a hole through which we can inject the unlock.

Update 4:

(a) The yellowsn0w Cydia package will be available as soon as our devteam member in charge of the repo wakes up to fix a file permission error.

(b) Once it’s out, those users with SIMs that have apps and other menus on them will need to do that extra step we’ve been talking about.  They’ll need to pull and reinsert the SIM once after rebooting the phone to engage the unlock.  Even though it’s needed only once per boot, it’s still a nuisance and we’ll be fixing that ASAP.

(c) You’ll know if you fall into that “extra step” category if your carrier doesn’t show up within about 10 seconds of the slide to unlock screen.

(d) Yes it really is for baseband 02.28.00.  That means everyone can use it now!

(e) Happy New Year!

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