Saurik’s answer to RipDev’s Icy

Posted on Monday March 30th, 2009 / 02:41

Ο Saurik (developer του Cydia) απαντάει στην RipDev (developers του Icy):

“One thing that should be noted: they decided to reimplement APT, and they didn’t reimplement it well. They only support package dependencies, for example: they ignore any information on conflicts. The sad part of this whole thing is that Icy, like Installer, is something that users occasionally find interesting for some reason or another, but which makes the lives of the people running the repositories where you get your software, and the developers they work with, a living hell.

Cydia has gotten nothing but faster for the last half a year. Some users have gotten confused by the new Reloading Data indication to believe that it is slower, but it used to do the same work /and lock up the user interface while it did it/. That release actually made that process /much/ faster as well.

Seriously: I do careful benchmarking of Cydia as I work on it, and I am not making any CDs changes that male it run slower.

As for the refresh speed, Icy makes two claims:

The first is that it refreshes faster. This I false. For one, Cydia also only downloads updated files (the only program that ever didn’t do this was Installer). However, Cydia also can use server-side diff indices to only download the one or two new packages when it does download something. Most repositories don’t use this, but Ste does, for example, and I occasionally have worked with BigBods to get his repository hooked up as well. This is another of those awesome features Icy lost by reimplementing APT.

As for the forced refresh, I am looking into better UIs for this. This is actually something that repository owners really appreciate as of means that users don’t continue to get days old buggy software, something that was really common in the Installer days. I think this as one of the features BigBoss, for example, liked most about Cydia. The repository structure also has the problem that users get weird errors if they have old indices that you can’t /know/ are due to that underlying problem.

That said, I agree that refreshing often when you are on Edge/3G sucks. I am looking into refresh tradeoffa that make sense here.

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