Confirmed: Video Recording is coming to iPhone

Posted on Tuesday April 7th, 2009 / 22:30

Σύμφωνα με τα τελευταία screenshot τα οποία έδωσαν σε δημοσιότητα τόσο το MacRumors όσο και το Boy Genius Report,  η ύπαρξη video στο επόμενης γενιάς iPhone (ίσως και στα iPhone -iPhone 3G, μέσω firmware update) πλέον θεωρείται σίγουρη!

iphone_video-camera_on_v30 iphone_video_on_v30


“The interface shows the normal iPhone camera interface but with a switch on the bottom right which toggles between still camera photography and video recording. The video recording is not presently functional in iPhone 3.0 beta, and the interface is not accessible by default. Only when configuration files were modified telling the firmware that a Video Camera was present will this interface appear.”

Boy Genius Report:

“Things like detailing a video recording application, more settings options, an accessibility entry, and even showing that Apple could possibly be integrating voice dialing, too.”

[Via MacRumorsBoy Genius Report]

Περισσότερα screenshots και συζήτηση στο forum: iPhone OS v3.0 hints: Video (!)

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