Latest discoveries of iPhone’s v3.0 firmware

Posted on Friday April 17th, 2009 / 20:49

Όσο περνάει ο καιρός ολοένα και περισσότερα χαρακτηριστικά της επερχόμενης v3.0 έρχονται στη δημοσιότητα, χάρη στους developers οι οποίοι “σκαλίζουν” τις beta versions και μας ενημερώνουν για τα ευρήματα τους… Οι τελευταίες ανακαλύψεις αναφέρονται σε:

Battery indicators

Η iPhone v3.0 θα διαθέτει την επιλογή εμφάνισης του υπολοίπου της μπαταρίας σε numerical percentage (επί τις εκατό):

“Resource files contained within the new version of the device’s Springboard application include 22 new PNG files to facilitate this option. Half are numerical characters (and a “%” sign) in black typeface for representing healthy battery level percentages while the other half are in red typeface for when battery life falls bellow a certain threshold.”


Push Notification preferences

Επιλογή ενεργοποίησης/απενεργοποίησης των 3 τύπων των notifications (Sounds, Alerts & Badges):

“Also visible in the latest betas of iPhone 3.0 software is a new Push Notifications preference pane that will allow you to enable or disable any of the three types of notifications that third party applications can push to your handset: Sounds, Alerts and Badges. Alternatively, notifications can be disabled as a whole. This should provide users with tighter control of their battery usage.”


Data Detectors

Η iPhone v3.0 θα διαθέτει Data Detectors οι οποίοι θα ανιχνεύουν την ύπαρξη δεδομένων (email, τηλέφωνα κτλπ) μέσα από απλό κείμενο:

“Finally, it’s also noted that Apple is enabling Data Detectors in a variety of new applications. Data Detectors automatically detect text fragments like email addresses, phone numbers, and street addresses, so you can execute actions on those fragments via touch selections — like dialing a phone number automatically by clicking on it or adding it to your address book.”


[Via appleinsider]

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