DevTeam reminder: iPhone v3.0 remains Jailbreakable

Posted on Thursday May 7th, 2009 / 20:31

Η Dev Team στο τελευταίο της δημοσίευμα μας ενημερώνει:

1. Η διαδικασία του Jailbreak λειτουργεί και στην v3.0 beta 5 και θα συνεχίσει να λειτουργεί μέχρι νεοτέρας αλλαγής του hardware:

“As should be expected, the modern devteam jailbreak process is still valid.   The picture below is 3.0beta5 jailbroken on an iPhone 3G.   As we’ve said in previous posts, nothing other than a hardware respin can prevent our jailbreak from working on all exisiting iPhone and iPod Touches.  They’ve chased our jailbreak so far down in the chain of trust, the only way they can fix it is in hardware.”


2. Η DevTeam δεν διατίθεται να ασχοληθεί με το Jailbreak της κάθε beta ξεχωριστά αλλά θα περιμένει το Final Release της v3.0:

“Because there are so many beta releases, we couldn’t possible refine, test, and release both PwnageTool and QuickPwn for each of them. That’s why we’re waiting until the final release.”

3. Αποτρέπει τους χρήστες από την χρησιμοποίηση εναλλακτικών μεθόδων Jailbreak:

“You may have seen other “hijacked” versions of QuickPwn out there, but all of them are buggy, none of them work on OSX, and almost everyone who uses them reverts back to 2.2.1 (because none of the useful jailbroken apps (Qik, Cycorder, and others) work on 3.0 yet).”

4. Προειδοποιεί όσους ενδιαφέρονται για το Unlock του iPhone 3G να μην εγκαταστήσουν καμία beta version:

“But this is a good time to remind everyone.  If you care about the yellowsn0w unlock, don’t go anywhere near the beta releases. You will lose your unlock, possibly forever.”


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