MusicTransport: Νέο Cydia tweak από τον Ηλία Λιμναίο

Posted on Monday August 24th, 2015 / 10:21

Νέο tweak από τον Ηλία Λιμναίο, έρχεται σύντομα στο Cydia.

Το όνομα του, MusicTransport και αυτό που κάνει είναι να μεταφέρει μουσική, ηχογραφήσεις και ηχητικά εφέ μέσα στην κλήση, παράλληλα με τη φωνή του χρήστη. Το tweak υποστηρίζει τηλεφωνικές κλήσεις αλλά και κλήσεις από Facetime ,Viber ,WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Tango και LINE.




Ακολουθεί η επίσημη λίστα των χαρακτηριστικών του tweak:

A new era, mixing audio with your voice in calls, has just arrived!

Transmit songs or sound effects in a call, mixed with your own voice! Other party thinks these sounds actually come from the place you are at the moment!

Ever wanted to call someone and have them listen to a song you like from your Music Library, over the phone?

Or dedicate a song to someone without being limited by the poor quality of placing your phone over a speaker?

Or sing a song or karaoke to someone over the phone, while they are listening to the song in full call quality along with your voice, fully mixed?

Or call someone and have them listen to a recorded Voice Memo you’ve made?

Or use a Voice Memo you have recorded as ambient sound effect, to have the one you’re calling thinking you are in a different place at that moment?

Or make someone think you’re in a different place, by adding sound effects or loud music in the background as they listen to you on the phone?

Ever wanted to call your boss and tell them you’re stuck in traffic, having them hear all the traffic jam sounds in the background along with your voice, while you’re still getting up, at home?

MusicTransport lets you do all the above and more!

With MusicTransport you can transmit any song from your music library (or even sound effects that you have synced) or any Voice Memo that you have recorded to the other caller, while they are also listening to your own voice, mixed with the background music/audio!

– Fully Mixed transmitted audio with your own voice, with no interruption at all.

– Song Selection from your Music Library. Unlimited sounds option, since you can broadcast any type of audio, songs, sound effects or ambient sounds that you have synced.

– Voice Memo Selection from your native Voice Memos app. You can even record your own ambient sounds and transmit them to make others think you are somewhere else. Or simply play them a recording you’ve made.

– Real-Time Volume Control to customise how loudly the other party hears the audio being transmitted. You can even use this to pretend you are approaching or moving away from a noisy place.

– Playback Controls to start, pause or position the audio being transmitted in real time.

– Local Audio Preview to hear what is being transmitted on your own headset, so you can sing along with the song or simply add more to the audio being transmitted!

– Seamless Repeat Mode to loop the song or sound effect being transmitted without interruption!

– Real-Time Scrubbing allows you to move the transmitted audio to any time frame instantly.

– Real-Time Switching of songs or recordings allows you to switch songs anytime and make a whole music broadcast over a phone call!

You can use MusicTransport in Telephony, Facetime ,Viber ,WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Tango or LINE calls!

Fully compatible with AudioRecorder and CallBar as well.

Works on iPhone 4S up to iPhone 6 / 6 Plus and on iPad 2 and above.

On an iPhone 4S, in order for the audio to be transmitted in a telephony call, you need to switch to speakerphone

Τιμή: $2.99 – Διαθέσιμο σύντομα.

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