Cydia apps on iPhone OS 3.0: Working, Non-Working list

Posted on Sunday June 21st, 2009 / 03:44

Όσοι αναβαθμίσατε στο iPhone OS 3.0 και στη συνέχεια κάνατε Jailbreak θα παρατηρήσατε πως οι περισσότερες εφαρμογές του Cydia δεν λειτουργούν ή υπο-λειτουργούν.

Αυτό είναι λογικό καθώς οι developer θα πρέπει να προσαρμόσουν ή να ξαναγράψουν την κάθε εφαρμογή ώστε να υποστηρίζεται από το νέο λειτουργικό…


Το iSpazio ετοίμασε μία χρήσιμη λίστα η οποία θα σας λύσει τις απορίες σχετικά με το ποιές εφαρμογές του Cydia λειτουργούν απροβλημάτιστα στο iPhone OS 3.0, τη δεδομένη χρονική στιγμή:

Working Applications:

* Five Dock Icons
* BiteSMS
* mxTube
* dTunes
* Cycorder (a qualcuno non va)
* Safari Download Plugin
* Wiki2Touch
* SBSettings
* Chronus
* Make It Mine
* MemTool
* WiggleFree
* reflective dock
* iFile
* iblacklist
* SwapMode
* VoipOver3G
* 20 second lock screen
* rotation inhibitor
* qik
* Erica utilities

SEMI-Functional Applications:

* Winterboard: This only works in some cases. The complete themes (they come with various changes to the system) can’t be fully supported (at the moment)
* iBluetooth
* MCleaner
* Categories (works well but the applications are no longer found by Spootlight)
* Status Notifier
* ibirthday (closing app will send you in Safe mode)
* cydelete (not working at all)

Applications That Don’t Work:

* Backgrounder
* Cyntact
* iMobileCinema
* VideoRecorder for 3G
* Veency (send the phone in SafeMode)
* MobileFinder
* Snapture
* ikeyex
* lockdown
* Safari Tab Closer
* Fiveirows
* FontSwap
* five colums
* iblank
* vwallpaper
* SwirlyMMS
* iReboot
* Stack
* Volume MC Toggle for SBSettings
* ustream broadcasting


* Tab in the “Search” in Cydia letters do not appear on the scrolling speed. Even thou we cannot see the letters you can continue to use this function “in the dark”
* The queue of Cydia does not work well if you try to install more applications simultaneously at the end is probably not going to install either one.
* Sometimes respring do not work in Cydia. Without respring you can not see the newly installed application icon on Springboard. To overcome this problem run respring by SBSettings or after the application “Respring” who can be  found in Cydia.
* For the same reason of “queue” not working, either Upgrade multiples are always a success
* You can not connect via USB in SSH
* The weather icon does not apply the Winterboard Theme
* Restoring a backup will bring strange errors: The display of the coverflow is unpacking – The images of the library you see the squares with blacks – The application iTunes does not load the list of songs / singers

Problems & Solutions:

* See “Changes” in Cydia is empty -> It is not a bug, that section shows only added new packages, so now if you add new applications, we shall see

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