‘The Deep Pinball’ released on App store

Posted on Tuesday August 4th, 2009 / 11:54

Η Gameprom, μετά την τεράστια επιτυχία του Wild Wild West Pinball (2.000.00o χρήστες παγκοσμίως!), παρουσιάζει το επόμενο της pinball game με τίτλο The Deep Pinball, το οποίο αναμένεται να ταράξει (κυριολεκτικά) τα νερά!

the_deep_pinball the_deep_pinball_iphone


Chests with treasures, sunk ships, underwater hunting, missions and many other reviving active interest things will meet the gamer throughout the whole acting. Deep Docyard is always at your disposal, where you can fill up your tanks, do repair-works if needed…

  • Real and improved 3D gfx engine with linear filtering feature
  • True sounds
  • Camera effects
  • Missions
  • Live worlds scores
  • Gameprom’s news

[iTunes link – Τιμή: 0.79€]

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