GeoHot: An Information Campaign

Posted on Sunday November 1st, 2009 / 15:44

Ο GeoΗot μετά από την επιτυχημένη προσπάθεια ξεκλειδώματος της καινούριας baseband (05.11.7) του iPhone (βλ. Blacksn0w is ready!), ξεκίνησε μία “εκστρατεία” ενημέρωσης/αποτροπής προς τους χρήστες που δίνουνε χρήματα σε διάφορους επιτήδειους για να ξεκλειδώσουνε τις συσκευές τους:

GeoHot An Information Campaign

Με την κίνηση αυτή του GeoHot συντάσεται και η dev Team:

devTeam An Information Campaign

Ακολουθεί το πρωτότυπο κείμενο:

An Information Campaign

I have an unlock for 05.11.07. I will be releasing on 11/04/09, for $0.00

First off, Jody Sanders, I am declining your $10,000. Why? Because you, and the rest of the iPhone unlock sites out there are scum. You make money selling freeware; that’s not cool, and I am in no way going to legitimize it.

Seriously, the people who really lose here are the customers. These sites are full of blatant lies, claiming to have unlocks for 05.11.07 People buy them, and are told the unlock is in development, and the release date is unknown. Imagine you bought a cup of coffee and were told it’s in development? Recently, many of these sites sent out e-mails saying they made major breakthroughs and the unlock will be ready 11/04/09. Coincidence that that’s the release date of blacksn0w?

I’m not going to post all these scam sites here, as I don’t want to give them the pagerank boost. Rather I’ll give you a whitelist, two people make unlocks, me and the dev team. Every iPhone unlock site you see out there is selling our stuff, repackaged in some form or another. Same goes for jailbreaks, although ih8sn0w and chronicdev are legit. Notice what all the legit ones have in common? They are free.

Now despite rumors of the ferocity of my legal team, they actually are pretty poor lawyers. And the scum who run these websites are the type who get off on legal battles. So we have to fight them in another way, and I’m asking for everyones help on this. Our weapon is information. Get the truth out, that all iPhone unlocks and jailbreaks are free, and if you are buying something, you aren’t getting anything a simple google search couldn’t get you, and are probably funding someones crack habit.

This is the first time I have tried to make something simple for the end users, and it enrages me to see people selling it. Let’s shut all these assholes down, and tell the iPhone owning world all they need is at, including blacksn0w instructions on it’s release date, 11/04/09(yes, will support hacktivation). You do your part, and I’ll do mine making things as simple, reliable, and straightforward as possible.

You have 4 days.

[Thanks to Thanasis – via iPhonejtag]

Συζήτηση στο forum: Ο GeoHot ξεκινά μια εκστρατεία εναντίον εκείνων που πωλούν δωρεάν λογισμικό για να ξεκλειδώσετε τη συσκευή της Apple.

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