iPhone 3G first reviews verdict: “Buy it!”

Posted on Tuesday June 10th, 2008 / 00:07

Τα πρώτα reviews από την συνάντηση των παρευρισκομένων του WWDC’08 με τo iPhone 3G από το Engadget & το Gizmodo είναι άκρως θετικά:

  • Quick data test – From 104Kbps on the EDGE iPhone to 215Kbps on the 3G model (2x speed).
  • 3G data on the maps and browser were only slightly slower than WiFi.
  • The reception is noticeably better
  • The enable/disable 3G setting is real. There is no automatic switching.
  • It’s tri-band 3G. This same phone will ship worldwide.
  • WiFi is 802.11b/g, no support for n yet.
  • GPS is A-GPS.
  • Geotagging photos is a nice feature. We were deep indoors though, so native GPS wasn’t working and we couldn’t get a clear idea of satellite acquisition time.
  • The screen looks exactly the same.
  • The camera is identical to the first – 2 megapixels.
  • Audio is definitely clearer than the speaker in the first iPhone.
  • It’s certainly thicker feeling but because of that curved back, it’ll dance around on your table a little more than your completely-flat original iPhone.
  • The plastic back didn’t feel cheap. It’s pretty solid and very glossy.
  • It comes with a ridiculously small power adapter.
  • The dock (now sold separately) and adapter (if you want an extra) will both go for something like $29, although that price is not yet confirmed.
  • No mention was made of copy/paste, MMS, etc.
  • The headphone jack is flush, as mentioned. It’s still 3.5mm, so if you don’t like the out of box phones, bring your own.

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