iPad’s iPhone OS 3.2 has support for video calling, file downloads and handwriting keyboard

Posted on Sunday January 31st, 2010 / 00:40

Οι αποκαλύψεις από το iPhone OS 3.2 του iPad συνεχίζονται…

Το Engadget αναφέρει ότι μέσα στο νέο firmware έχουν βρεθεί αναφορές οι οποίες αποδεικνύουν πως η Apple δουλεύει πάνω σε δυνατότητες video conferencing:

We’re told that there are hooks to accept and decline a video conference, flip a video feed (which suggests a front-facing camera) and — most importantly — run the video call in either full screen mode or in just a portion of the screen. That means you’ll be able to chat and do other things at the same time, which could mean there’s at least some type of multitasking going on here.

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Επιπλέον χαρακτηριστικά τα οποία αποκαλύφθηκαν από το iPhone OS 3.2 είναι:

• Support for file downloads and local storage in the browser

• CoreGraphics to PDF API for sure, printer API is being prototyped

• USB Host support or expanded Bluetooth support

– PTP support for transferring images
– MobileStorageMounter (perhaps used for PTP; perhaps used to mount external USB storage?)
– Hardware keyboard: USBKeyboardLayouts.plist

• Spell checker in text fields and web views using AppleSpell

- multiple languages
– grammar checking (English-only so far)
– address book integration
– user added words
– SDK access
– Included dictionaries: Apple Dictionary, New Oxford American Dictionary, Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus, Shogakukan Daijisen, Shogakukan Progressive English-Japanese Japanese-English Dictionary, and Shogakukan Ruigo Reikai Jiten (may also be used for a Dictionary app perhaps?)

• SMS support


• Much richer text API including low-level access to font data and highlevel support for drawing formatted text

• Support for querying attached screens and choosing which screen a window draws on (App Store approved?)

• The beginnings of file upload in Safari

• Location-sensitive ads are being prototyped in integrated Maps application (and applications that use the maps framework)

• Ability for applications to modify the standard cut/copy/paste menu


• “Handwriting keyboard” is being prototyped.

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