iPhone 3G unboxing pics & first reviews

Posted on Wednesday July 9th, 2008 / 09:17

Κάποιοι τυχεροί έχουν ήδη στα χέρια τους το iPhone 3G και για να μας κάνουν να ζηλέψουμε ακόμη περισσότερο κυκλοφόρησαν τις πρώτες ‘iPhone 3G unboxing pictures‘ αλλά και το πρώτο ‘iPhone 3G unboxing video‘.

iPhone 3G vs iPhone

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iPhone 3G first reviews:

Walt Mossberg / AllThingsD 
– “it mostly keeps its promises.”
– “more capable version of an already excellent device”
– Battery drained much more quickly using 3G
– Greatly improved audio, much louder speaker
– Data speeds 3-5x faster than original iPhone
– Better voice coverage with 3G. “At my neighborhood shopping center, where the first iPhone got little or no AT&T service, the iPhone 3G registered strong coverage.”

Edward Baig / USA Today
– “iPhone 3G: The Sequel, is worth the wait.”
– Still no recording video, no stereo bluetooth or voice dialing
– Supports PowerPoint attachments; mass move or delete multiple e-mail messages
– 10-30 seconds to load popular websites on 3G.
– GPS was very accurate
– Speaker sounded better for both speakerphone and music.
– “started receiving low battery warnings toward the end of a busy work day; I found myself charging the device overnight, the same as with the older iPhone.”

David Pogue / NYTimes
– Sound is much improved. “In fact, few cellphones sound this good.”
– Feels better in your hand due to the curved back
– “According to Apple, the iPhone’s G.P.S. antenna is much too small to emulate the turn-by-turn navigation of a G.P.S. unit for a vehicle, for example.”
– No voice dialing, video recording, copy/paste, memory card slot, Bluetooth stereo, MMS
– “the really big deal is the iPhone 2.0 software and the App Store, neither of which requires buying a new iPhone.”

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  1. Και εδώ μπορείτε να δείτε το Review-video του iPhone 3G από τον Walt Mossberg:
    iPhone 3G Review by Walt Mossberg

  2. pantnick says:

    Μόνο σε εμένα αρέσει το παλιό iphone περισσότερο(εξωτερικά)?

  3. Θα συμφωνήσω μαζί σου… καμία σχέση! Το αλουμίνιο πίσω είναι όλα τα λεφτά!!!

  4. pantnick says:

    macbook pro vs macbook
    iphone vs iphone 3g

  5. iPhone 3G vs iPhone 3G Pro :-)