Steve Jobs Replies to Email Regarding The International Delay Of iPad

Posted on Thursday April 15th, 2010 / 18:32

Η απόφαση της Apple να παρατείνει κατά ένα μήνα την κυκλοφορία του iPad στις διεθνείς αγορές ενόχλησε αρκετούς χρήστες οι οποίοι ανυπομονούν να αποκτήσουν την νέα συσκευή της Apple.

Κάποιοι μάλιστα απέστειλαν email στον ίδιο τον Steve Jobs, ζητώντας του εξηγήσεις:

Dear Mr Jobs

On behalf of the international community of Apple consumers I would like to protest at the way Apple is apparently leaving us out in the cold with the Apple iPad product.

We have been fed either misinformation or no information at all and it is starting to cast doubt over Apple’s intents, at least it is to me.

I live in Switzerland and as yet we have no idea what the Apple iPad will cost here, if it is anything like the international pricing we have been used to to date on other Apple products, then it will certainly not be an “unbelievable price” as stated in your marketing.

If the delays and lack of pricing information is due to Apple doing it’s level best, to make sure that we are not being ripped off, then I applaud that work. However, as previously mentioned, I am doubting this.

Twice to my knowledge you have falsely stated international availability of the iPad and while I do not believe this is any fault of your own, I can imagine that you are not happy being shown as deliberately pulling the wool over the rest of the worlds eyes.

This is what you said at the iPhone OS4.0 announcement

That was a continuation of an earlier email in which he asked Jobs about the launch. Jobs responded then:

11:10AM – Q: Will iPad’s success impact its international launch?

Steve: No, we said we’re launching internationally later in April, and we’re launching later in April.

Please can you clarify what is happening and why it has taken so long for information to be released to the international community.

May I suggest the following: Make it easier for us to purchase your products directly from the USA online Apple store. Many of us would be happy to do so and pay extra for local Applecare.

I look forward to your response.”

Ακολουθεί η απάντηση του Steve Jobs:

“deliberately pulling the wool over the rest of the worlds eyes”

Are you nuts? We are doing the best we can. We need enough units to have a responsible and great launch.


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