MobileMe service updates

Posted on Wednesday December 24th, 2008 / 09:43

Η υπηρεσία MobileMe της Apple αναβαθμίστηκε πρόσφατα με νέα χαρακτηριστικά  αλλά και τα απαραίτητα bug fixes:

– Searching for contacts in a large address book (more than 1000 contacts) is faster and no longer results in a “slow script” browser alert message
– Exported vCards with multi-line addresses or notes can now be imported into the Mac OS X Address Book
– Adds keyboard shortcut to create a new contact
– Additional formatting options for European phone numbers are now supported

– Adds sorting of To Do items by calendar or title
– Long event titles now appear properly in Month view

– Updated “Tell a friend” email message
– Resolves an issue related to setting a new album’s key photo

– Files and folder names that contain Japanese language characters now display properly on the web

– Hosting of iWeb pages can be configured for personal domains ending in “.eu”, “.ax”, “.tl”, “.gw”, “.kp”, “.rs” or “.su”
– Family Member accounts now display the accurate renewal/expiration date
– Resolves an issue that prevented some members from using an activation key (MobileMe box) to renew a subscription

– “Keep me logged in for two weeks” checkbox now works reliably

[Via Apple]

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