iPhone OS v3.0 revealed: Customer’s perspective

Posted on Tuesday March 17th, 2009 / 20:53

Η παρουσίαση του iPhone OS 3.0 ολοκληρώθηκε σήμερα το πρώι στο Cupertino!


New features: CUT, COPY, PASTE, Multiple Photo sending via Mail.app, Landscape mode in Mail, Notes and Messages apps, Enhanced Messages.app (forward, MMS), Voice Memos, Enhanced Calendar, Enhanced Stocks, Search in Mail (iMAP support) Calendar iPod and Notes, Spotlight, Notes Sync, Audio/Video tags, Live streaming, Shake to shuffle, Wi-Fi auto login, Stereo Bluetooth A2DP support, LDAP, iTunes account creation, YouTube ratings, Anti-Philshing, Call Log, Parental Controls, Media Scrubber, OTA profiles, VPN on demand, Languages, YouTube subscriptions/accounts, Encrypted profiles, auto-fills.

Ας ένα προς ένα τα νέα χαρακτηριστικά του iPhone OS 3.0, όσον αφορά την πλευρά των καταναλωτών:


Jason Chen:

Here’s how you select text. double tap onto a bit of text and it automatically places a “CUT, COPY, PASTE” bubble above your current selection. Double tap to bring up a paste bubble later to paste.

To select an entire block of text, put your thumb on the right drag point and drag it to where you want your block of text to end. You can drag the left drag point as well.

You can drag between apps as well, through the same process. Double tap, then drag in order to select what text you like, then double tap and paste to paste it.

You can also copy and paste web content. The phone uses the same analytics engine in Safari that they do for zooming in order to know which selection to select for copying. Yes, HTML paste for copying. If you didn’t mean to paste something, shake your phone in order to Undo (or Redo) your paste.

Cut and paste can work across multiple apps, has undo support, can work with developer APIs, and can use Cocoa Touch support for regular text.

2. Multiple Photo sending via Mail.app

You can now send more than one photo at a time with 3.0 by tapping the action button, selecting a bunch of photos, copying, and then pasting it into the Mail app.

3. Landscape mode in Mail, Notes and Messages apps

Jason Chen:

Next, Landscape. Apple’s had support for landscape mode for Safari since launch, and can enter text in wide-keyboard mode. Now you can use landscape in “all key applications” including Mail.

They’re also adding support with the big keyboard for composing messages in Mail as well. It also works in Notes and the “Messages” application.

4. Enhanced Messages.app

Jason Chen:

You can forward and delete messages–individual messages or multiple messages.

The BIG news is that they’re adding support for MMS. You can send and receive Photos right over the network. Contacts (VCard). Audio files. Or your location.

5. Voice Memos

Jason Chen:

Next, Voice Memos. (No sending video in Messages it seems). You can record voice memos to yourself, lectures, interviews using the built in microphone or an external microphone. You can trim it using the phone itself, then send it on using email or MMS.

6. Enhanced Calendar

Jason Chen:

Then there’s Calendar. They had personal calendars first, then Exchange (last year) and MobileMe. They’re now adding CalDAV, a calendar standard that’s supported by a lot of people like Google and Yahoo. It’s useful for shared calendars. Second is subscriptions, using the .ics format.

7. Enhanced Stocks

Jason Chen:

Now is Stocks. They’re adding support for news stories (headlines) in the bottom of the app, plus details like highs and lows and PEs. There’s also landscape view.

8. Search in Mail (iMAP support), Calendar, iPod and Notes

Jason Chen:

Search! Not only can you search inside the Contacts application, which was there in iPhone 2.0, you can now search in all of the key applications, including Mail.

There’s also search in Calendar, iPod (search by artist, album, etc) and Notes.

B. Lam:

Search in Mail! Works on the server using iMAP

If your search isn’t found on your iPhone, the search continues on the server.

9. Spotlight

There’s now a new home screen where you can search across all those applications, and they call it Spotlight. The search is to the left of your regular home screen, and you access it by flicking left from your standard home.

You can also search Apps and use Spotlight as a quick launcher instead of going all the way to the 8th screen and searching for your app.

10. Notes Sync

11. Audio/video tags

12. Live streaming

13.Shake to shuffle

14. Wi-Fi auto login

15. Stereo Bluetooth A2DP support.

16. LDAP

17. iTunes account creation

18. YouTube ratings

19. Anti-Philshing

20. Call Log

21. Parental Controls

22. Media Scrubber

23. OTA profiles

24. VPN on demand

25. Languages

26. YouTube subscriptions/accounts

27. Encrypted profiles

28. Auto-fills


– Το iPhone firmware v3.0 θα είναι διαθέσιμο το καλοκαίρι για τα iPhone – iPhone 3G (δωρεάν αναβάθμιση), ενώ στην περίπτωση των iPod Touch θα κοστίζει $9.95.

– Κάποια από τα χαρακτηριστικά του OS 3.0 ΔΕΝ θα είναι διαθέσιμα για το iPhone 1st Gen (π.χ το MMS & το Stereo Bluetooth)

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