iPhone 3G (3 Colors – extra slim)

Posted on Monday May 26th, 2008 / 02:05

Οι φήμες (?) συνεχίζονται για την εμφάνιση του νέου iPhone 3G:

iPhone 3G 3 colors

iPhone 3G 3 colors iPhoneHellas

iPhone 3G slim 3 colors iPhoneHellas

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18 Responses to “iPhone 3G (3 Colors – extra slim)”

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  2. matinm says:

    Its obviouslly fake, u can tell its a photoshop job:

    1) It’s the same design as the current gen, Apple never makes the new gen the same as the old gen.
    2) The cam is in a different place as the other claims have been, and it looks croocid(however u spell it) and
    3) The claims have said its gonna be thicker not thiner… but dont quote me on this.

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  4. esrever says:


    Yes you are right, Apple “NEVER” makes the new gen the same as the old gen.

    Let me see…

    iMacs from G5 to Intel (SAME)
    Powerbooks G4 to 1st gen Macbook Pro (99% the same)
    PowerMac G5 to MacPro (99% the same)
    iPods (almost the same)

    I guess you are spot on!

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  15. antonis mpolanis says:

    Είναι το καλύτερο κινητό