iPhone Game: Crazy Kart 2

Posted on Saturday April 12th, 2008 / 12:04

Οι Int13 από την Γαλλία είναι οι developers πίσω από το Crazy Kart 2. Ένα iPhone game στο οποίο καλείστε να οδηγήσετε ένα kart, ελέγχοντας μέσω του touch-screen το τιμόνι…

iPhone Crazy Kart 2

Crazy Kart 2 features:

– 320 * 320 pixels playing area
– Touch controls with a virtual steering wheel
– 3 vehicle classes (karts, motorbikes, hovercrafts)
– 6 characters with different vehicles
– Downloadable content (new vehicles, new tracks)
– Wifi online multiplayer with match making and up to four simultaneous players

Δείτε το video:

Όπως δήλωσαν και οι ίδιοι: ” The game is perfectly smooth on the iPhone: constant 60 FPS with a pure software engine, we already plan to work on a sequel with a full 3D accelerated engine to exploit the full potential of the device”.

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